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The importance of maintaining constant ventilation in chilled and frozen products lies in a number of key benefits:

  1. Energy Savings: The use of products wrapped in macro-perforated film allows for greater efficiency in chilling and freezing products. The outside temperature can more easily penetrate inside the product, which means that less energy is required to reach and maintain the desired temperature. This leads to significant energy savings in the cooling and freezing process during transport and storage.
  2. Quality Preservation: Controlled ventilation helps maintain a constant and appropriate temperature for chilled and frozen products, preventing temperature fluctuations that can negatively affect food quality.
  3. Prevention of Ice Formation: By maintaining a controlled temperature, ice formation on frozen products, which can alter their texture and flavour, is prevented. 
  4. Reduced Waste:Controlled ventilation helps to reduce food waste by keeping food at optimal temperature and humidity conditions during transport and storage.
  5. Less Resource Consumption: Using less energy to maintain the right temperature reduces the environmental footprint and CO2 emissions associated with energy generation, promoting sustainability.
  6. Increased Cold Chain Efficiency: Controlled ventilation through macro-perforated film optimises the cold chain by allowing the temperature to be more evenly distributed inside the products, which in turn reduces the need for excessive cooling and unnecessary energy consumption.
  7. Flavour and Texture Preservation:By avoiding sudden temperature changes, the original flavour and texture of the products is preserved, which is essential for consumer satisfaction.
  8. Fewer Returns: Chilled and frozen products that are transported under controlled conditions are less likely to be returned or rejected by retailers and consumers due to quality problems.

It is for this reason that the Macroplat wrapper becomes an essential solution for the frozen sector, bringing significant benefits and transforming the way these foods are handled.

  • Unrivalled Freshness Preservation:The Macroplat wrapper ensures that frozen products reach their destination in optimum condition. By perforating the stretch film and allowing controlled ventilation, it prevents moisture build-up that could cause icing and spoilage of frozen products. This ensures that products are ready to meet consumer expectations in terms of quality and taste when they reach the point of sale.
  • Increased Stability of Heavy Loads: The Macroplat wrapper offers an additional advantage by increasing the stability of heavier loads. Its unique and efficient design not only preserves the quality of frozen products, but also improves transport safety by effectively securing heavy loads, preventing shifting and possible damage during the packaging process.
  • Reduced Operating Costs:For frozen product companies, every resource is valuable. The Macroplat wrapper helps reduce operating costs by minimising the cost of packaging material, reducing labour and minimising waste. This not only improves profitability, but also contributes to more sustainable resource management.
  • Precise Ventilation Control:Frozen products require precise ventilation control to preserve their quality. The Macroplat allows the size of perforations in the stretch film to be adjusted, ensuring that products receive the right amount of fresh air during transport. This is essential to maintain the freshness and characteristic flavour of frozen products.

In short, the Macroplat stretch wrapper becomes an essential partner for the frozen industry. We work closely with our customers in this sector to maintain the integrity of their products during transport. Together, we are moving towards a future where frozen products reach consumers with the quality and freshness they deserve.