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In the dairy industry, product quality and freshness are critical. Any factor that can affect them, such as moisture and mould during transport, is a major concern.

  1. Texture Maintenance: Proper ventilation helps preserve the texture of dairy products, such as cheese and yoghurt, by preventing moisture build-up that can lead to changes in consistency.
  2. Reducing the Risk of Cross Contamination: Controlled ventilation can help reduce the risk of cross contamination between different dairy products during transport by maintaining an optimal atmosphere in each package.
  3. Encourages Mould Cheese Development:Controlled ventilation allows mould cheeses to breathe and develop the unique flavour and texture characteristics that are prized in varieties such as blue cheese, cabrales, roquefort and brie. By allowing the mould to develop properly, the quality and authenticity of the product is guaranteed.
  4. Shelf Life Extension: Ventilation helps extend the shelf life of dairy products, which means less waste and economic loss.
  5. Flavour Preservation:By preventing moisture and mould build-up, ventilation helps maintain the authentic flavour of dairy products, which is essential for consumer acceptance.
  6. Compliance with Quality Standards:Controlled ventilation can help comply with quality and food safety regulations in the dairy industry, ensuring that products meet the required standards.
  7. Improved Presentation: Ventilated dairy products tend to maintain a more attractive appearance at the point of sale, which can positively influence consumers' purchasing decisions.
  8. Reduced Losses: Preventing mould and moisture formation through ventilation contributes to reduced economic losses for producers, distributors and retailers. Also less likely to be returned or rejected by retailers and consumers, saving time and costs.

That's why the Macroplat wrapper becomes an essential solution for this sector, bringing significant benefits and revolutionising the way dairy products are handled.

  1. Unrivalled Freshness Preservation: The Macroplat stretch wrapper ensures that dairy products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. By perforating the stretch film and allowing controlled ventilation, it prevents moisture build-up that can cause mould and spoilage in cheeses, yoghurts and other dairy products. This ensures that products arrive on supermarket shelves in optimal condition, ready to meet consumer expectations for quality and taste.
  2. Increased Efficiency in the Packaging Process:The Macroplat wrapper not only preserves the quality of the products, but also optimises the packaging process. Its unique design combines film perforation and application in a single process, speeding up production and reducing the time required to package dairy products. This efficiency is especially valuable in the dairy industry, where time is of the essence to ensure freshness.
  3. Reduced Operating Costs:For dairy companies, every resource counts. The Macroplat wrapper helps reduce operating costs by minimising the cost of packaging material, reducing labour and waste. This not only improves profitability, but also contributes to more sustainable resource management.
  4. Precise Ventilation Control:Dairy products require precise control of ventilation to maintain their quality. The Macroplat allows the size of perforations in the stretch film to be adjusted, ensuring that products receive the right amount of fresh air during transport. This is essential to preserve the freshness and characteristic flavour of dairy products.

In short, the Macroplat stretch wrapper is an essential partner for the dairy industry. We work closely with our dairy customers to maintain the integrity of their products during transport. Together, we are moving towards a future where dairy products reach consumers with the quality and freshness they deserve.