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We want to be your trusted partner, providing constant support from the first step to the top, united in excellence.

In the competitive world of packaging, finding a reliable partner from the start makes all the difference. At every stage of the process, our dedication is palpable. We offer solid packaging solutions that are the foundation of unwavering support for your success in the world of packaging. We're not just a supplier, we're your trusted team that accompanies you on your journey to packaging excellence. When you choose to work with us, you get not only commitment, but also concrete results and superior quality packaging. Trust us to be your reliable partner in the exciting world of packaging.

Designed for SPK machines, the SPK Connect system makes it possible to control film consumption and know the status of the wrapping station at any time and from anywhere..

Monitoring is carried out remotely from a mobile device on which information is received about consumable consumption or notifications about possible faults, which makes management easier, smoother and with no margin for error.

At Controlpack we have a technological laboratory where stability testing is carried out on all types of palletised goods to comply with current regulations. TechLab: The tests are designed to guarante:

  • The reduction of plastic consumption with high performance, high pre-stretch, low micron films,
  • The optimum securing of palletised loads,
  • Minimize the cost of pallet wrapping and,
  • Improvement of the brand image thanks to an impeccable finish of the packaging.

Personalised consultancy is a fundamental part of the services we offer at Controlpack. Turnkey projects are an integral solution in process automation that makes us an partner indispensable partner for customers in the logistics sector. To carry out this service, we start with a detailed analysis of the situation in order to assess the most efficient systems and achieve optimum packaging without losing sight of the increase in performance and cost savings.