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In the baked goods industry, the freshness and quality of every bite is essential to keep consumers satisfied. In this context, macro-perforated film emerges as an essential ally. Through the proper ventilation it offers, this innovative material provides a number of key advantages that ensure your baked goods reach their intended recipients in the best possible condition.

Here are a number of reasons why baked goods companies benefit from the ventilation provided by macro-perforated film.

  1. Freshness Preservation: Macro-perforated film allows for adequate air circulation around baked goods. This helps to maintain their freshness and texture, preventing them from becoming stale or losing quality during storage and transport.
  2. Shelf Life Optimisation: Macro-perforated film can help extend the shelf life of baked goods by reducing the build-up of gases that accelerate the ageing and spoilage process.
  3. Moisture Control: The ventilation provided by macro-perforated film helps control moisture inside the package. This is essential for baked products, as excessive moisture can cause them to become soft or lose their crispiness.
  4. Texture Preservation: For products such as biscuits and bread, maintaining crispness is essential. The macro-perforated film prevents trapped moisture that could soften them, ensuring they retain their original texture.
  5. Reduced Mould and Fungus: The ventilation provided by macro-perforated film helps prevent moisture build-up, which reduces the risk of mould and fungus growth in baked goods.
  6. Reduced Packaging Costs: Macro-perforated film can save costs by reducing the need for more complex and expensive packaging methods.
  7. Rapid Palletisation: Macro-perforated film allows baked products to be wrapped and palletised directly after the baking process, without waiting for them to cool completely. By eliminating the wait for products to cool, the overall time required for palletising is reduced, which can increase operational efficiency.
  8. Customer Satisfaction: The ability to deliver fresher and hotter baked goods can generate higher consumer satisfaction.

Innovation in Baked Goods Palletising with Macroplat

In the baked goods industry, the constant search for efficiency and sustainability is essential for success. In this context, we introduce the Macroplat machine, a revolutionary solution that is transforming the way baked goods are packed and palletised. The Macroplat not only boosts operational efficiency, but also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability. Here are some of the reasons why the Macroplat has become an essential partner for baked goods companies:

  • Significant Cost Reduction by Converting Standard Film to Macroperforated: In the baked goods industry, efficient cost management is essential. The Macroplat machine reduces costs by converting standard film into macro-perforated film automatically and accurately. This conversion process eliminates the need to purchase expensive macro-perforated film, resulting in significant savings over time. Every use of the Macroplat helps maximise operational efficiency and saves substantial financial resources, which is essential to maintain profitability in a competitive market.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: By reducing waste and optimising resource use, the Macroplat aligns with increasingly important sustainability practices in today's marketplace.
  • Increased Pallet Stability: Even the heaviest pallets maintain optimal stability during transport and storage with Macroplat. This reduces the risk of tipping and product damage.
  • Perforation Customisation: The Macroplat offers the possibility to adjust the size of the perforations in the macro-perforated film. This allows precise customisation to the specific ventilation needs of each baked product. From larger holes for products requiring greater air circulation to smaller holes to maintain the freshness of more delicate products, the Macroplat provides total control over the quality of the packaging.
  • Band Wrapping for Lightweight Pallets: The versatility of the Macroplat machine is further enhanced by allowing the manufacture of unique band wrapping, ideal for pallets with lighter weight products. This method of wrapping uses a minimal amount of film, which significantly reduces plastic waste. It also provides excellent ventilation around the baked goods, ensuring freshness and quality without compromising load stability.