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In the world of horticulture and floriculture, efficiency in the packaging and transport of products is a crucial factor for business success. In this context, the use of macro-perforated film emerges as a strategic and beneficial solution for companies in the sector. This type of packaging not only provides effective protection during transport and storage, but also offers a number of key advantages that contribute to maintaining the freshness, quality and healthy appearance of flowers and plants. Below, we will explore the main advantages that macro-perforated film offers in this demanding and sensitive sector.

Benefits of macro-perforated film:artificial intelligence:

  1. Adequate ventilation: Allows optimal air circulation around flowers and plants, helping to maintain their freshness and prolong their life.
  2. Prevention of condensation: Reduces the risk of condensation inside the packaging, which could cause moisture damage to flowers and plants.
  3. Prevents plant suffocation: Facilitates plant respiration by avoiding an airtight seal, which helps to maintain their quality and healthy appearance.
  4. Temperature control: Allows better temperature control during transport, which is crucial for the preservation of flowers and plants.
  5. Damage reduction: Provides an additional layer of protection against shock and damage during handling and transport, preserving the integrity of the plants. Compared to pallet netting, macro-perforated film is not as rigid a material, so the plant is not damaged by rubbing against it.
  6. Increased Handling Efficiency: Packaging with macro-perforated film facilitates the handling and transport of flowers and plants, reducing the time and costs associated with supply chain logistics.
  7. Reduces product waste: By helping to maintain the freshness and health of flowers and plants, macro-perforated film can reduce the risk of loss and waste, contributing to business profitability.

Consequences of not using macro-perforated film:

  • Gas accumulation: Without adequate ventilation, plants can produce gases that accelerate ripening and deterioration.
  • Excess moisture: Lack of ventilation can cause moisture build-up, increasing the risk of rotting and plant disease.
  • Root suffocation: Tight sealing can make it difficult for plant roots to breathe, which can affect their growth and health.
  • Loss of freshness: Lack of air circulation can cause flowers and plants to lose their freshness and attractive appearance more quickly.

In the exciting world of floriculture and horticulture, where quality and freshness are crucial, adopting innovative solutions can make the difference between success and stagnation. Having reviewed the advantages of using macro-perforated film in our packaging, we are pleased to present an even more exciting opportunity: the Macroplat machine. This revolutionary tool, which perforates standard film into macro-perforated film, promises to take our logistical efficiency and product protection to a whole new level. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Advantages of the Macroplat machine for wrapping plant trolleys or pallets:

  1. Versatility in film perforation: With the Macroplat machine, we have the ability to adjust the size of the holes in the film according to the specific needs of each type of plant. From larger holes to allow for greater air circulation to smaller holes to prevent more delicate plants from protruding from the packaging, we can customise the packaging to ensure the freshness and health of each product.
  2. Increased stability: The Macroplat offers exceptional stability even with heavy loads. Thanks to its robust design and advanced clamping system, we can wrap our plant trolleys or pallets securely, reducing the risk of tipping and damage during transport and storage.
  3. Optimisation of the wrapping process: With the Macroplat machine, we can increase the efficiency of our wrapping process, reducing the time and resources needed to wrap our plants. Its automated operation and its ability to work with a wide variety of film sizes and types allows us to maximise our productivity and minimise operating costs.

In short, the Macroplat machine represents a valuable investment, enabling us to improve the quality and efficiency of our packaging process, protect our plants throughout their life cycle and deliver a superior experience to our customers.