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In the logistics and transport of perishable goods, every detail counts. One of the crucial aspects that sometimes goes unnoticed is proper ventilation. Today we want to talk about the consequences of covering goods with film so that they cannot breathe and how this can lead to condensation problems on pallets.

  1. Quality Deterioration: Condensation can cause damage to perishable products, such as fruit, vegetables or dairy products, by causing bacterial growth, mould and rotting. This can result in lower quality and even unusable products.
  2. Loss of Value: Damaged or substandard products can lose their commercial value. This leads to financial losses for producers, distributors and retailers, as they cannot sell the products at the expected price.
  3. Refusals and Returns: Retailers and consumers may reject or return products that do not meet quality standards. This generates additional costs for the company and damages its reputation.
  4. Replacement costs: In some cases, when perishable products are damaged due to condensation, replacement with fresh products is required, which entails additional costs.
  5. Impact on the Supply Chain:Quality problems with perishable products can negatively affect the entire supply chain, from producers to retailers, creating logistical problems and distribution delays.
  6. Loss of customers: Customers who receive poor quality or damaged perishable products may lose confidence in the brand or supplier and seek alternatives, resulting in a long-term loss of customers.
  7. Food Waste: Food waste is a major problem globally, and spoilage of perishable products due to condensation contributes to this problem, as food that could have been consumed ends up being thrown away.

In short, condensation and lack of ventilation are critical challenges in the transport of perishable goods. However, innovation is constantly evolving to solve these problems and ensure that products reach their destination in optimum condition.

We are pleased to share that our Macroplat wrapping machine has revolutionised the way perishable goods are handled. Thanks to its unique design, this machine perforates the stretch film as it is applied, creating perforations that allow the necessary ventilation. This means products can "breathe" during transport, preventing condensation and ensuring they arrive fresh and in excellent condition.

With the Macroplat, we are helping to reduce food waste, improve the quality of perishable products and provide effective solutions to the food supply chain and other time-sensitive industries. We are proud to be part of the solution and look forward to continuing to work with our customers and partners to maintain the integrity of their products during transportation.

Ultimately, let's remember that proper ventilation is essential to ensure that perishable goods maintain their freshness and quality at all times. The Macroplat is a promising solution that is making a difference in perishable logistics, and we are excited to continue to move towards a future where products arrive at their destination in the best possible condition. If you would like to find out more about Macroplat and how it can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for joining this conversation about the importance of ventilation in the transport of perishable goods and how Macroplat is addressing this challenge in an innovative way!